Aevolve Mimi houses in Atlanta give homeless veterans a place to call home

Enter a community group in Atlanta, GA., that believes Aevolve Mini houses will provide thousands of the city’s veterans a home.

More than 37,000 American veterans are homeless, according to the most recent count from the Department of Housing and Human Development. While that number represents a 50-percent drop since 2010, there are still more than 22,000 living in temporary shelters and over 14,000 “living in places not meant for human habitation,” according to the department.

Aevolve Mimi houses in Atlanta

The HOPE (HVC), a nonprofit group based in Atlanta, GA has made it a mission to provide transitional homes and services to veterans, one community at a time.


The HOPE Veterans Community Project is building a community of transitional homes and services for veterans in Atlanta. (HVC)


Veteran homelessness has always been viewed as a federal issue or a VA [Department of Veterans Affairs] issue, that it’s not something a local community can take on and address most veterans are sleeping in city parks and streets. They’re our neighbors and brothers and sisters of our community. We can do something without waiting for somebody else to come in and fix this.”


Once their desired goals are met, HVC assists the Veteran in securing a permanent housing solution. The Veteran is allowed to take the entire contents of the tiny home as they transition to a new life.

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