HOPE Veteran Community (HVC) – Atlanta



HOPE Veteran Community (HVC) – Atlanta

We are achieving our goals for having a safe place to rest with dignity, purpose and a solid foundation in which to begin their transition to a societal Human.

Phase I:  Our Launch – Orlando Community Event May 2-4. May 17th, 2020 Woodruff Park in the City of Atlanta Feeding Homeless Veterans, 150 meals served and community engagement and intake for Housing, Job training and Job Placement Phase. Health screening for Homeless including Veterans, Senior Citizen.


Mini House Communities Can be Placed Anywhere, are cheap, effective and Bring Safety, Dignity and a Real Chance for Veterans who has nowhere to go to get on their feet.

The lightweight, but yet durable blocks enable us to build a house in less than three hours by five people. The Aevolve Blocks Solation are joined together using a rubber hammer. The erection of the house does not require electricity, plumbing and H/C, so it can also be built in remote regions and crisis areas.

Please chick our LINKS: https://vimeo.com/412610515,   https://vimeo.com/412615750

Builing one Aevolve model Mini House  –  Housing Crisis for Houseless and Veterans have reached dangerous levels becoming a full blown Humanitarian Crisis. Unless Drastic immediate action is taken, and relief brought to already over taxed and insufficient resources, the situation will rapidly increase and worsen, not only for those already houseless, but for new Veterans homeless, who are but one step away from losing their homes, as well as epidemic levels of disease like COVID – 19 and outbreaks which have already surfaced and have reached the general population and all communities

Phase II:

  1. Aevolve CIES Health – Urban Mobile Social-Medical Units to triage, test, and counsel homeless veterans and the homeless people on housing, job placement and Training.
  2. 3000- 5000 sq. ft. downtown paved lot, (parking lot, park, Fulton County civil site). Semi-Permanent 620 sq. ft. modular units, fully equipped to provide critical essential preventive health needs (Side A) and chronic health management/testing and social-demographic intake, job and housing placement (Side B).

c. Fully Mobile Modular Units on Chassis with hydraulic platform handicap entry and stairs on both sides, weather awning, waiting area and queue space.

  1. Fully integrated data integration using Aevolve TV (ADSS editor) cloud based clearinghouse for personal health and social record (PHSR) for each client. Allows coordination of services through a single digital platform. Multiple social and health service providers can be added to each client’s PHSR. Full client application for transitional housing, job placement and environmental survey on digital platform.


Phase III.

Move from Semi – Permanent Modular Social Medical Units to a Permanent “Health Village” Model associated with Veterans/Homeless Small House Community design presented for both Orlando and Atlanta projects. Health Village with added benefit of being designed with a “Sub Specialty” Transport Platform.  The Sob Specialty Transport Vehicle (STV) provides advanced medical care needed by many veterans that they cannot receive due to poor access.  This includes cardiovascular, orthopedic, neurological, dialysis- nephrology care and others.  Advanced diagnostic imaging also possible.  STV customizable to community needs.

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