InstaLiving Community

instaLiving Community Housing First model built with Aevolve Green Solutions (AGS) proprietary technology
to help create a Affordable, and Sustainable place to live. It is built on the principle that having HOPE can make solving
health and social problems much easier.

Our organization will provide rapid transitional and permanent housing and job skill training for the Unsheltered, women, at wrist youth, and men and women from our criminal justice system, we will offer them job training, support services, and a long list of other benefits.

There can be several reasons as to why someone ends up homeless, including sudden job loss or family breakdown, severe substance abuse or mental health problems. But most homelessness policies work on the premise that the homeless person must sort those problems out first before they can get Temporary Housing accommodation. We do the opposite – our vision is giving them Housing First!

AGS is committed to making a big impact in our neighborhood and community. We are excited to be working with church’s, educational institutions and landowners to create this housing.”

Given that there are a large number of religious institutions and HBCU’s public and private property with extra land that is developable, we hope that this type of partnership provides a replicable model for increasing our stock of permanently affordable housing stock.

Everyone plays a critical role in making our housing opportunity possible.

instaLiving Community includes five unique floor plans to support a variety of AEDU Micro units. Many make cost-effective use of space with optional sleeping lofts in addition to ground-level bedrooms that support ADA accessible living.

The AEDU micro units are extremely energy-efficient and are designed to use around 50% of the amount of energy as a similar sized home built to minimum code standards. Sustainability measures include highly insulated AEDU floor, wall and roof construction, elevated airtightness measures, fully insulated construction, and high-efficiency heat pump space heating and water heating. Each smart AEDU comes complete with Refrigerator, stove, microwave, washer & dryer, Peeps robot vacuum cleaner.

We are building on sites and will provide common amenities that extend the space of each individual home. This includes a community kitchen and dining area; meeting space large enough to accommodate all of the residents; laundry facilities; storage space for bicycles, shared tools and resources; and other flexible use spaces.

All homes also feature a functional front porch or balcony. Vehicle parking is consolidated to the perimeter of the site, and the homes are clustered around generous open spaces to provide residents with a connection to the landscape and their neighbors. A fire lane and service road provide limited vehicular access into the center of the site.

A collaboration between the housed and unhoused that provides stable and safe places to be through cost-effective approaches for transitioning the unhoused to more sustainable living situations.


We leverage on Government Public Private Partnerships to deliver AGS Green infrastructural development in your local communities.


We partner with the Government, Churches, and Universities to build zero-carbon compliant instaLiving communities for seniors and with an emphasis on affordable housing.


Click on this link to book an on-site tour of any AGS AEDU production factories in Madison Florida, Douglasville Georgia, and Dublin Georgia