Our Upcoming Projects

Aevolve Green Solutions (AGS) a new start up released its vision and plan to help people in the need of housing. AGS see the potential on how to build Faith-Based Housing Developments and to use HBCU institutions and City’s that own land, we work with them to create and new housing community model with our sustainable AEvolvee Dwelling Unit (AEDUs).

Seeing the amount of potentially developable land owned by Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs), HBCUs and working with Cities in the USA. We plan to explore how these FBOs and HBCUs could use their underutilized land to create and affordable housing community’s model.

With our new Civil Right Housing Movement for all people, AGS IS partnering with SCLC, founded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and HUD’s Fair Housing Act of 1968. Aevolve Green Solutions (AGS) has developed innovative green technology that revolutionizes home building and the affordable housing market. AGS manufactures high quality housing model units that are energy efficient, economical, and can be delivered onsite for occupancy within weeks.

AGS’ AEvolve Dwelling Unit (AEDUs) modular building system product design has met global approval and can be built every where. AGS is organized under a singular operations model. We are a One-Stop Housing Builder / Site Contractor / Manufacturer / Property Management and Developer.


AGS first proposed Renaissance development model was released in July 2023 at Hillside International Truth Center in Atlanta GA.

Gresham Renaissance Community Project

Discover the future of sustainable housing with Gresham’s AGS AEvolve Dwelling Units (AEDU), utilizing revolutionary 21st-century technology. Our ONE Stop delivery model streamlines development, from manufacturing to management, ensuring affordability.

Tuskegee Renaissance Model City

Tuskegee Renaissance Model City is the first model city the driving force behind Booker T. Washington. This model city is designed for all races and the home to businesses that would employ Partnership with the City of Tuskegee, Utilities Board of Tuskegee, Tuskegee University, Macon County and AEDCA in Montgomery Alabama.

Dublin Renaissance Project

Dublin Renaissance Project model in Partnership with the City of Dublin, Land Bank of Dublin, Dublin Housing, Laurens County, Dublin Veterans Administration, and EDA.

Hillside International Truth Center

Cascade Renaissance Project. An exclusive elegant, gated, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and sustainable micro social community that provides affordable workforce housing for members in our community having housing challenges, with wrap around services, and opportunities for cooperative economics based on the Principle of Ujamaa. Sizes will be under 400 – 600 square feet.