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Revolutionizing Bridge Housing with Smart Green Solutions

Design and prefabricating hybrid unsheltered housing with recycled plastic waste.

We can ship and develop your Insta-Living communities anywhere

Build your homeless community with our two newest products the CASITA and CASA emergency and Bridge Housing. Our products are made at our manufacturing facility in Georgia but can be shipped anywhere. Don’t hesitate to contact us no matter your location!
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Our products technology are affordable and sustainable building solutions

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Join our team and let us design and custom manufactured your property or community.

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Prefabricated and shipped to the building site.

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CASITA is built in one hour.

Purpose and advantages

  • An urban Mini House Community offers an alternative method that is preferable to many homeless people, provides a starting point and bridge between the current gutter and the future permanent housing and is beneficial for the broader community as well, and offers many advantages, including the following:
  • Residents gain a sense of community and human connection
  • Residents enjoy a much safer environment, especially women, elderly and people with disabilities and/or special needs
  • Residents are able to form stable affinity groups and longer-term relationships


A prefabricated design hybrid unsheltered house made with recycled foam plastic waste.

NEX panel are a structural inner and outer layer made from plastic waste used as part of the R insulation in between that is “used” together to provide not only the structure of the walls, floors and roofs system but also provide superior structure qualities.

Building and AGS Systems will save up to 40% of cost because of labor and material, you will see a return on investment. You will save money on the construction of our CASITA and CASA due to less waste, lower labor costs, and having a smaller heat and air system. Along with that, most customers save 50% or more on energy costs and maintain a higher home value.

AGE have benefits way beyond what wood and metal building cost.

  • Prefab for faster building time, quality control
  • Pre-assembled for quality control in our factory
  • Greater energy efficiency (R-Value) than a thinner panel
  • Panels are solid and stronger
  • Our solutions is the gold standard in the homeless emergency shelters
  • Choice of products provide finished or unfinished interior and exteriors
  • Built like adult Lego blocks
  • No need for an expensive crane

We make and assemble solutions CASITA and CASA for our instaLiving Communities at our Newest Georgia location we can ship to anywhere in the world. Contact us if you have interest in our product, no matter where you are located.

instaLiving Permanent Housing Plans

A scalable permanently sustainable and affordable model for developing resident-owned, infill housing on typical residential lots, permanently bridge housing for people with low-incomes. Built from plastic waste in Atlanta, Georgia Developed by AEVOLVE Green Solutions in partnership with HOPE Global.


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    The first FIREPROOF and WATER RESISTANT rapid-respond shelters that is sustainable and affordable. Our smart community project can be built in less than 14- 16 weeks.


    Our Bridge Housing are built in instaLiving Communities and Hope Veteran Community for the Unsheltered



    Our Casita technology is tested as a 2 Hour Fire Resistant, Stronger than metal and wood construction



    PLEXUS Plastic Eco-Pavers made of Plastic waste are affordable and sustainable pavers,



    Our Estudio are Smart Luxury Studio Apartments that is tested as a 2 Hour Fire Resistant, Stronger.


    Revolutionizing Bridge Housing with Aevolve Green Solutions

    7600 Wood Rd. Douglasville, GA 30134


    “We love there NEX Technology. We had research the benefits of using AGS technology before building our first veterans community. We noticed a big difference in AGS Shelters than the other company’s. There CASITA’s are fire rated, water resistant and most of all sustainable an affordable. They CASITA are built in under and hour.”

    Tony Kimbrough

    CEO Veterans Empowerment Organization VeO of Atlanta Georgia

    “The NEX panels work great! They go together with ease which makes for an efficient building solution. I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and innovation of this technology.”

    Louis Skinner

    Licensed General Contractor/ Skinner Development, LLC

    “We are very pleased to meet AGS team and to see their new offices and a 1500,000 st ft manufacturing where the AEVOLVE CASA and CASITAS are being Pre manufactured. There company is helping the Unsheltered individuals with giving higher wages and creating jobs to get them back on there feet and keeping them safe and a sustainable place to live.”

    Michael Moore

    City of Buckhead


    Design and prefabricating hybrid shelters and housing that’s fireproof and waterproof made of recycled foam and plastic waste.