A New Housing Solution for Land Owned by Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs), HBCU Colleges and City Owned Properties.

The Leader in Emergency-Shelter Communities.

instaLiving Community 

instaLiving Community Housing First model built with Aevolve Green Solutions (AGS) proprietary technology to help create and Sustainable place to live. It is built on the principle that having HOPE can make solving health and social problems much easier.

Our organization will provide rapid transitional and permanent housing and job skill training for the Unsheltered, women, at wrist youth, and men and women from our criminal justice system, we will offer them job training, support services, and a long list of other benefits.

There can be several reasons why someone ends up homeless, including sudden job loss or family breakdown, severe substance abuse, or mental health problems. But most homelessness policies work on the premise that the homeless person must sort those problems out first before they can get Temporary Housing accommodation. We do the opposite – our vision is to give them Housing First! AGS is committed to making a big impact in our neighborhood and community.

We are excited to be working with churches, educational institutions, and landowners to create this housing.”Given that there are a large number of religious institutions and HBCU’s public and private property with extra land that is developable, we hope that this type of partnership provides a replicable model for increasing our stock of permanently affordable housing stock. Everyone plays a critical role in making our housing opportunity possible.

The Peniel Temporary Campus

Introducing Affordable Housing on Faith Land

As I pastored for over 35+ years building and developing my own churches and schools. My vision was to help develop housing development on Church and school property’s. Now a housing model for poor people that will create new jobs has become a reality”. W. Leslie (Olawale) Snead

Senator Scott Wiener, 11th Senate District

Senate Bill 4 – Affordable Housing on Faith Lands Act

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Aevolve Green Solutions (AGS) Revolutionizing a new ADU movement it is call AEvolve Dwelling Unit (AEDU), the first company of its kind to build, develop, engineer scalable, precision factory technology to create jobs and and scale with Rapid housing development on Churches, HBCU and Public private properties and can build on sites a better homes in up 25% the cost of traditional construction. “we would, without exaggeration, improve the quality of life for millions of people.” In fact, the AGS Casa recently caught the attention of Shea Johnson and Tiffany Cobbs, the State of Georgia and Regional Director for Secretary Marcia L. Fudge, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The Peniel Temporary Campus

Purpose and advantages

AGS Community offers an alternative method that is preferable to many people. We provide to the homeless a starting point that offers a bridge between the current gutter and the future permanent housing, which is beneficial for the broader community as well and offers many advantages, including the following:

Bridging the Gap

Pioneering dignified, rapid shelter solutions to transform the street to home journey.

Social Communities

Cultivating housing-first communities where
every voice molds its future.

Permanent Affordability

Safeguarding long-term housing affordability
through innovative ownership models.

Collaborative Initiatives

Building equitable futures through community and institutional partnerships.

Sustainable AEDU Homes

Championing compact, resource-efficient living for a sustainable tomorrow.

Fairness Vision

Envisioning a welcoming, inclusive society
where diversity thrives and everyone is housed.

AGS Secures Factory Built Certification for Global Expansion, Promising New Jobs!

Aevolve secures global certification for AEDU modules, paving the way for sustainable, affordable housing in underserved markets. A monumental leap towards addressing the global housing crisis.

We're approved by ICC-ES.


Global InstaLiving

Build your community with our two newest products the CASA and PLEXUS.

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A scalable permanently sustainable and affordable model AEDU for developing resident-ownership, infill housing on typical residential church, HBCU lots, permanently bridge housing for people with low-incomes. 

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PLEXUS® Plastic Eco-Pavers made of Plastic waste are affordable and sustainable pavers that allow the passage of rainwater into the subsoil and parking lot runoff, to generate surfaces without humidity and without mud.

Join us for a Groundbreaking moment in affordable housing!

Aevolve Green Solutions (AGS)is hosting the Dirt Turning Ceremony for The Peniel Atlanta, an instaLiving Eco-Smart Community in Metro Atlanta.

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Build your homeless community with our newest products the AEDU emergency and Bridge Housing.